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Report a player Empty Report a player

Post by CarlosCraft1145 on Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:01 am

This is a way to report players on the server for breaking rules. None, this is only for donators and non raked players. Not staff. If you're trying to report a staff, You have to use the staff report format.
Once you submit a report, someone will look at it and respond to the report in under 5 days.

Report format

1. Name of Rule Breaker:
2. Broken Rule:
3. Evidence:

For the rules, you can find it on the server in game.
Evidence is key. You must explain what has happened in the situation. Something that could also help is if you send a link of a video of the Rule Breaker. This will show full proof of the rule breaker and what they did. Screenshots help too but only with minor things like spam, fly, skipping mines, ect
Hoped this helped you out to report the players.


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